Web Design

Web Design the smart way

ImageWith free or premium option available, why Start from scratch when you can use a template?


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Image

Everyone is looking for ways to stand out in search engine results….SEO baby!

Computer Repair

Upgraded computer = New Computer Image

If removing viruses and bad programs doesn’t speed up your computer, an upgrade will.

Why did I build this website? Because I can do that!

I’m a tech hobbyist with a passion for all things tech. With a splash of sports in there as well. Everything I do is in my spare time (on the side). I figured I put together a website to showcase some of the things I work on to easily showcase them to the world. As new technology catches my attention, I’ll weigh in and run my mouth about it. I may go on a rant about my favorite sports team here and there but I’ll try to stay off the soapbox on that